Thursday, 27 January 2011

New Year, New Projects!

I have been very bad at keeping this updated, I do apologise!
I have spent the last month or so feeling extremely creative and never wanting to stop, and yet with greater pain levels and more brain fog than I have experienced in a long time... It's hard to get the balance between having clean dishes and dinner on the table, and getting stuck into art! Here's how things are going, and some recent projects...

I of course received my new camera a couple of months ago. I still don't have the lens I so desperately need, so photography has taken a minor step back. Here are a couple of shots I do love though:

Foggy Light by ~bicyclegasoline on deviantART

Misty Torquay Sunset by ~bicyclegasoline on deviantART

This has also taken a slight back seat, as I'm struggling to sit at my desk atm. I have so many ideas, and hopefully they will be realised shortly. I also have a commission I am working on, so that is quite exciting! Here's the other painting I was able to complete before Christmas tho, for my Nan-in-law, I am determined to improve my use of watercolour paints!

Millie and Sam Take II by ~bicyclegasoline on deviantART

I suppose my crafty side isn't something I shout about, but it has been a huge part of my life this year. I've made my first sock monkey and learnt to crochet, and we're only a few weeks into January! I'm hoping to get felt brooches and crochet brooches, amongst other things onto Folksy in the next couple of months, so that will be exciting!

Mr Sock Monkey by ~bicyclegasoline on deviantART

Crochet Flower by ~bicyclegasoline on deviantART

I realised after Christmas I'd run out of Thank You cards, and with my 21st Birthday last weekend it was time to make some more! I scavenged a sheet of images from the back of my last pack of Thank You paper, and created these:

Pet Portraits
I spent some time over New Year practising pencil sketches of animals, just to aid my eye in painting them really. These are the results, which I hope to get posted off to people when I can think a bit clearer:

Danger the Chinchilla by ~bicyclegasoline on deviantART
(Original photo courtesy of Kat.)

Guinea Pig Sketches by ~bicyclegasoline on deviantART
(Original photo courtesy of Rachel.)

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  1. Wow I love all the art you've done, especially the sketches! I love doing a lot of the things you've talked about, like making cards, photography, drawing, painting, crocheting, in fact, I think the only thing I've never done is make a sock monkey! xx


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