Sunday, 17 January 2016

Star Wars: Jabba the Hutt

After making Salacious Crumb, I felt that it would be a bit out of place to have him on his own without Jabba the Hutt! I was hoping to use Lucy Ravenscar's pattern, but it is only available in her new book, and having purchased her other patterns via Etsy I have no wish to purchase an entire book for one pattern!!

So I referenced some photos of amigurumi crochet Jabbas on Google, and some pictures of Jabba himself, and made this pattern up as I went along. I created shaping using various hdc and dc, increasing and decreasing to create the mass of skin, before finished with a few strands of wool pulled through the figure to hold the folds in place. I think it is really effective, and I was pleased to manage to create Jabba's shape in a single piece, only joining the arms.

Here's Jabba the Hutt with Salacious Crumb:

And Slave Leia too, to give a sense of scale between the pieces in my collection.

Be sure to check out all the amigurumi crochet Star Wars characters I have made here!


  1. Hi Helen. This is one of the most awesome crafts I have seen--I love your Star Wars characters! Featuring at our Super Saturday post today--really cool! Hope you can stop by!


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